Which fragrances are fast sellers

We have listed below our best sellers based on sales for mens and womens perfume. Use this information if you are just starting out and don’t yet know which fragrances to order. Most of our first time clients get orders from their own customers first before ordering from us but in the event you are hosting a perfume party for the first time these suggestions should come in handy.

For women

SL01, SL02, SL03, SL06, SL11, SL17, SL25, SL26, SL30, SL38, SL45, SL47, SL50, SL53, SL57, SL61, SL72, SL80

The top 3 sellers for women in order are SL38, SL03, SL11

For Men

SM01, SM02, SM03, SM05, SM07, SM08, SM10, SM11, SM14, SM15, SM17, SM26, SM28, SM30, SM31, SM36, SM37

The top 3 sellers for men in order are SM02, SM31, SM01

Please find our stocklist here http://www.silhouettescents.co.za/perfume-for-women-men.html or download the PDF list here http://www.silhouettescents.co.za/catalogue.pdf

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