Perfumes to wear in Autumn

Autumn fragrances are better suited to the cooler seasons because they smell like Autumn by mimicking the plants and familiar aromas of the season, or contain notes that are richer and warmer to provide comfort in the cooler weather.

A perfume with notes of cinnamon vanilla, fig, pine, clove, cedar wood, ginger, pomegranate, nutmeg, amber, woods, coffee, leather and musk can evoke memories of crackling fireplaces, long winding walks and rustling leaves .

Perfume experts recommend you change your perfume according to the season because perfumes perform differently in different temperatures. In Autumn and Winter your fragrance won’t carry as well, which is why more robust scents work better in colder temperatures.

Autumn is considered a calmer, more tranquil season, where nature is visibly preparing for the arrival of winter.

Autumn Perfume For Women
SL32 Aromatics Elixir Clinique
SL34 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
SL10 Narciso Rodriguez For Her
SL25 Gucci Rush Gucci
SL09 Opium Yves Saint Laurent
SL33 Thierry Mugler Alien

Autumn Perfume For Men
SM24 Ralph Lauren Polo
SM48 Azzaro Wanted

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