Need a side hustle? How to start selling perfumes and earn an extra income

Who doesn’t love smelling nice?

Most people when starting out a business want to get into the formalities of starting out like registering a company or are under the misguided impression that they have to register the business first when in reality all they need is a customer to sell to and, we recommend, a 1 page business plan that answers the 3 W’s

There are 3 basic ways you can start a business.

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Closed Corporation
  • Pty LTD

For the purpose of this article we will concentrate on the easiest and simplest way to start a business and to start selling, ie Sole Proprietorship.

The 3 W’s – Who, What, Where

  • The Who – You need customers – this is THE most important aspect of starting any business. The easiest way to build a customer base is to start in your immediate environment and market to family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. Will you be selling to a high, middle or low income market or maybe a combination.
  • The What – What will you be selling, how is your product better than your competitors and how will it solve your customers problem. Will you be selling your own brand, our brand or a nameless brand. Will you be selling our 17% oil range or our 30% oil range.
  • The Where – Where will you find the people you are selling to? How will you maintain them as a customer and how will you satisfy their needs so you can have a returning customer. Think in terms of if you have a budget for placing adds in your local news paper. Would your friends and family mind if you sent them a status update. Remember don’t spam your friends/family, this might get you blocked. Create a WhatsApp or Telegram profile pic with your product, we do offer this free service to all our customers.

If you are starting out with your side hustle don’t over complicate things like registering a business, opening a new banking account or printing business cards or getting letterheads and stationery designed, etc. Once you’ve established yourself you will have the time, money and expertise to do all those things.

Don’t start with selling 1, 2, 3 or 4 fragrances only. Consider this scenario: You’ve worked hard on a branded box for your perfume, the bottles are gorgeous, the logo is beautiful, the fragrance is out of this world but customers are not buying it.

The hardest thing for most people to accept is that others might not think their 1 fragrance is all that great. At worst it sounds a little egocentric. You are literally telling your customers “I think this smells great so I chose it for you”. People think their baby is cute so others will think their baby is cute too scenario comes to mind. Just because you think a fragrance smells nice does not mean the next person will think so too. Fragrance selection is highly personal, what smells good to you might smell like insecticide to someone else. For example SL10 is under our top 10 selling fragrances not because it’s an across the board good seller but because a few customers purchase large quantities of it every month but 99% of our customers never purchase it at all. SL10 is also my signature scent and personal favourite so I can understand some customers obsession with it but I can also see that it might smell horrendous to others. If you have a limited budget to spend we suggest you stick to our top selling perfumes where you won’t have a problem selling it. 

Once you’ve successfully established yourself selling a wide range of perfumes we suggest you move on to starting your own signature scents while still offering your customers variety.

In conclusion, if you can continually sell to your friends/family/ acquaintances on a regular basis then you already have a steady income for your side hustle which means you have more freedom to concentrate on expanding your customer base and establishing your brand if you choose to do your own uniquely fragranced, boxed, custom perfume at a later stage.

Remember, you are your brand, market yourself. 

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  1. I am seriously interested in starting my own perfume range under your guidance and expertise off course.

  2. Hallo hope you are well please can you send me more info i would like to start selling perfumes
    Thank you

  3. Please I want to start buying and selling perfume how do I go about it and I also what’s to create my own logo and brand .

  4. Hi i am interested in starting my own perfume range under your guidance and expertise off course and how to sell the perfumes if you don’t have a website and on-line store any tips?

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