How to place an order for Stock

If you need to place an order for stock please see the steps below.

If you would like to test our perfumes first and would like to place an order for a starter kit, please see the following link How To Place an Order for a Perfume Starter Kit only.

The following examples and quantities are based on Classique Range Perfumes.

Step 1
Determine the amount you want to spend. We have several options available. Determine the amount of stock you want to order and select the fragrances for your order or let us choose best sellers for you.
Option 1
Mimimum order of 12 x 50ml perfume or 21 x 30ml perfume at 17% EDP which can be filled with 12 or 21 different fragrances in our standard bottles for men and women. On an order of this size only our own logo or no logo is available. Option 1 is also available in 30% EDP which is 8 x 50ml or 11 x 30ml perfume.

Option 2
Order 28 x 50ml or 48 x 30ml perfume or more at 17% EDP. You can only select our standard bottle for women and men if you purchase 28 x 50ml or 48 x 30ml perfume which can be filled with 28 or 48 different fragrances. Includes your own free digital labels with your logo or business name and the printing of the label/logo. Excludes logo design. Option 2 is also available in 30% EDP which is 18 x 50ml or 26 x 30ml perfume.

Option 3
Order 47 x 50ml or 80 x 30ml perfume or more at 17% EDP. Select any bottle and order a combined minimum of 47 x 50ml or 80 x 30ml perfume for women and/or men. Maximum of 1-2 bottle shapes which can be filled with 47 or 80 different fragrances. Includes free digital labels and label printing, can also be supplied unlabeled. Excludes logo design. Option 3 is also available in 30% EDP which is 30 x 50ml or 43 x 30ml perfume.

If you need Option 1,2 and 3 in Royale Range please contact us for a qoute.

Step 2
Email or WhatsApp us your artwork/logo for you label to If you have opted for individual boxes for your perfume please request the template/die lines for the bottle you have selected. If you prefer to have your order with no logo/label or with no boxes you can skip this step. Please also indicate what type of label/logo printing your require.

Step 3 – Email or WhatsApp your order in plain text along with your delivery address as we need to get a quote for courier delivery. If you prefer you can download our order sheet instead and WhatsApp or email it. We will then send you a proforma invoice with our banking details on.

Step 4 – Email or WhatsApp your proof of payment along with your artwork for your logo and/or the artwork for your boxes. If you have chosen no boxes or no label or logo you can send us your proof of payment only. Please Note: We only request a proof of payment to start processing your order but we only send the stock out once payment reflects in our account. Please also note that we cannot send you an invoice unless we have your delivery address and order.

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