What is the difference between 17% oil and 30% oil Perfume?

Another way to ask this question is What is difference between EDC, EDT, EDP and Parfum?

A perfume containing 17% oil contains less aromatic oils compared to perfume which contains 30% oil. Therefore a perfume containing 30% aromatic oils will last much longer than a perfume containing 17% aromatic oils. The most popular fragrance concentration in the perfume industry is still the 17% oil perfume or Eau De Parfum.

EDP outperforms EDT in terms of sillage (the degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn) but how long a perfume lasts can also depend on the individual perfume and its chemistry and on the skin type of the user.

Generally, perfume applied to moisturised skin will last a whole lot longer than perfume applied to dry skin. A perfume that last long on one individuals skin might not last as long on another individuals skin. That is also the reason why different perfumes smell different on different skin types.

Go ahead and test your perfume on 3 different individuals including yourself. The initial top notes will all smell the same immediately after applying on all 4. Wait 20 minutes for the middle notes to kick in and do another smell test. Have a pouch of coffee beans handy at this point to neutralize the smell after each test and compare the subtle differences. The base notes or “dry down” will usually kick in around the 4 hour mark. Do another smell test and note the difference in smell and how long the perfume lasted on each individual skin type.

Both 17% and 30% perfume can be described as EDP but the 30% perfume will last much longer than the 17% perfume due to the higher concentration of perfume oil present.

At Silhouette Scents we custom make perfume percentage to customers specifications. Please contact us if you need pricing for perfume with 50% oil or your own custom percentage.

Edit 27 July 2022: Please see our blog post How to be a successful perfume sales person for more details on the different types of perfumes available.

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