How to choose the right perfume for every occasion

Have you ever wondered which perfume to wear to a special occasion or to the office? We have done the research for you and compiled a list of fragrances for every occasion. In bygone days everyone had a signature scent but today people are more likely to have several different perfumes in their fragrance wardrobe. Some classic perfumes are listed under several headings which just proves how versatile an iconic fragrance can be.

For Women

During the day
SL01, SL03, SL11, SL14, SL17, SL21, SL25, SL29

Any time of the day
SL02, SL03, SL15, SL32, SL38, SL42, SL12, SL42

Office Wear
SL03, SL07, SL12, SL13, SL15, SL16 SL21, SL65, SL69, SL80

Daily use
SL02, SL04, SL08, SL09, SL12, SL13, SL16, SL18, SL19, SL25, SL30, SL34, SL35, SL39, SL44, SL50

Evening Wear
SL04, SL05, SL06, SL08, SL09, SL10, SL17, SL20, SL28, SL31, SL32, SL33, SL41, SL40, SL41

Special occasions, romantic wear
SL01, SL09, SL10, SL11, SL14, SL20, SL52, SL54 SL61, SL69

Casual Wear
SL01, SL03, SL11, SL13, SL21, SL25, SL29, SL30, SL50

For Men

During the day
SM41, SM39, SM10

Anytime of the day
SM41, SM39, SM10

Office Wear
SM41, SM39, SM10, SM11, SM12, SM15, SM18

Daily use, any time of the day
SM01, SM08, SM12, SM14, SM20, SM22

Evening Wear
SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SMO5, SM06, SM13, SM37

Special occasions, romantic wear
SM01, SM02, SM03, SM04, SMO5, SM06, SM37

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    • Hi Mutinta, you may rename to whichever names you prefer and we will print and label it or you can leave the codes that all perfume are labeled with, its completely up to your preference.

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